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Sculpture: Another Giant Fruit, the Mega-Chili

If you go to the National Museum of Singapore, a very nice building, you have the option of exiting into Fort Canning Park from the third floor.  When you do that, this is what you’ll see: It was a bright day when I took this picture, so please forgive the exposure.  Here’s the side view: […]

Sculpture: The Bronzed, Laden Lady of Fort Canning

This statue is next to a set of stairs that climb Fort Canning Hill, where Sir Stamford Raffles started the first botanical garden of Singapore. Front view: Nice elegant long neck, expressive eyebrows, and an armload of what appear to be babies. Let’s see her from the side: Now that’s a set of biceps!

Sculpture: Lumpy family

These people used to be located in front of SAM, the Singapore Art Museum.  Unfortunately this was just in front of Bras Basah Road, and they were spewed with enough exhaust and soot to become unpleasingly filthy.  Now they’ve been cleaned up and moved to the lawn adjacent to the National Museum of Singapore.  Worth […]

Our neighbors: Very Large Snails

To see the scale of this bad boy, I took a picture of him next to my shoe.  My toes are about 4 inches across. Anybody for escargot?

Uniquely Singaporean: promotions

A Singaporean promotion is one in which your job title changes, you have tons of new duties and responsibilities, and no additional pay. How does this happen? Well, take performance appraisals at the university. These are directly tied to performance bonuses, which makes sense. And the number crunchers assume that if you graph people’s performance […]

Textured Tree Bark

Sculpture: Tree of Education

This is a 1992 work entitled “Tree of Education,” located oddly enough at the National Institue of Education, NIE: No, that’s not your imagination: the Tree of Education really does have a crown that can fit into a box, like a refrigerator.  Truncated and controlled, not to say stifled and inadequate.  Actually, this does seem […]

Sculpture – Olympic!

This was unveiled by the head of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It’s at NIE, the National Institute for Education, and it demarcates the part of the building dedicated to training PE teachers.

Kingfisher Morning

This lovely fellow posed for me in a few spots this morning.  The first picture is blurred, but you can see his brilliant blue back and red/yellow beak: Then he flew into a tree and posed for me there; for a change my camera focused right on him rather than on a spot to the […]

Sculpture at NTU: marble bird-frog?

OK, you guess what this thing is: I climbed the hill and tried to read the little sign at its base, but it was a very weathered, chipped slab of marble, illegible except for a few initials in the upper left corner that read ….TU.  It’s in a prominent spot where all the buses and […]



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