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At the movies: Singapore is My Home

We went to see The King’s Speech last weekend (excellent, and with a fun audience that laughed at the jokes), and in the interminable round of advertisements before the movie began, pride of place (just before the movie itself) was given to the Singapore My Home music video. This is a full-on production with all […]

Beautiful Mosque in Little India

Well, the Sultan Mosque in Kampung Glam may have a bigger gold dome, but I like this mosque better: The Abdul Gafoor Mosque. Sorry about the lighting in the first picture – it shows the general detail and design. The second shows you the actual colors, but against a more typically Singaporean background of cranes […]

Arab Street: Smoking Hookahs

It’s just tobacco, nothing more exotic. The tobacco is in a reservoir under the tray at the top, on which they place burning charcoal. The temperature of the tobacco is thus maximized without its burning to a nasty stinking cigarette-like smoke. You go to a cafe and rent a hookah, for a smoking session of […]

Chinese New Year Girls

A grandmother and her young charges. The kids are very cute at this time of year.

Orchard Road: Shopping for Eyelashes

Singapore’s Arab Street

We have finally gotten around to exploring this part of Singapore; it’s where the old Malaysian rulers of Singapore used to live, next to the Sultan Mosque, below: There’s a network of streets with traditional shop houses on them (very long houses about half a block deep, that are/were shops or warehouses on the first […]

Chinese New Year: Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Who says pink clashes with red and orange? These are the decorations at our local giant mall, and I like them! In fact, I’m trying to design a house in which I’d have light fixtures like this in every room. Chinese New Year is a 15-day period in which you stage many family reunions and […]



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