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Our neighbors: Spitting Cobra

No picture this time, since I didn’t find a good one on the Web, and didn’t have my camera with me.  But he was a lovely shiny black snake, sitting in elegant undulated curves across part of the sidewalk, head raised slightly above the ground while it watched me go by, white stripes on either […]

Neighbors’ remains: Flat Bat

A wee warning: This is a post containing pictures of a largely decomposed bat I found on my morning walk.  You may wish to skip it.  On the other hand, it’s nearly Halloween, so a highly appropriate post for the season.  And I found it interesting to look at, obviously.  And no, it didn’t smell. […]

Neighbors’ remains: Snake skin

We found this at a school, on the steps between the science room and the gym.  Over the objections of certain members of the family, I brought it home and kept it in the living room.   I’m pleased with the focus on the individual diamonds that my camera managed to achieve.  I didn’t realize […]

Neighbors: More monitors

Here’s my best shot of the water monitor who lives across the road from the apartment block: He’s about six feet long in total. Here are pictures our offspring took of a water monitor in its natural element, at Sungeh Buloh: I think this guy is a mere 3 feet long.  But these are better […]

Our neighbors: Lizard-lunching snake

Another specimen from Sungeh Buloh Wetlands.  This is a series of three pictures, and the last one has the best quality.  But I’ve inserted them in the order taken, to show you the progress of the snake’s lunch: Quite a handsome green snake, and a nice yellow-bellied lizard.  These leggy lizards are the ones I […]

Our neighbors: Cobra?

Another reptile at Sungeh Buloh.  The focus isn’t that great, but you get the idea.  This was snapped during a series of school outings, a week during which the class kept going to the nature reserve four days in a row.  This snake (or one closely resembling it) was spotted in the same shelter three […]

Our neighbors: Water monitor

This particularly plump water monitor was resting on a walkway at Sungeh Buloh Wetlands Nature Reserve.  There are actually water monitors all over Singapore – one even showed up in the girls’ bathroom at a school off Orchard Road – but it’s rare to have a camera handy when one is close by. This one […]



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