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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Falun Gong!

Friday, May 1st, 2009 by Lara

So what on earth is Falun Gong and why is the PRC so dead against them? F.G. have a fairly sizeable presence in Singapore; some months ago I found a book in our mailbox telling me that the Chinese Communist Party’s days were numbered and that the Party was about to implode, which was apparently pretty standard Falun Gong stuff. And now and then they set up posters near train stations and pass out pamphlets telling everyone that the CCP is engaging in all kinds of horrors, most specifically and spectacularly organ harvesting from unwilling donors.

They seem like a bunch of crazies – very well-funded crazies. Do they have links with organized Buddhism? Are they just meditators gone a little gaga? What’s their real agenda, and why does the Chinese government take them seriously?